Stylish Patio Design Ideas

Whether you’re planning a new patio area in your garden, or working with an existing space, turning that outdoor spot into a stylish extra living area is probably the most rewarding home improvement project you will ever undertake.

Your first step will be choosing an attractive surface area – paving slabs and wooden decking are popular choices, but both have separate upkeep considerations, so make sure that it works for you.

Beautiful furniture really takes the indoors outdoors, and patio furniture has moved on considerably since the days of cheap plastic tables and chairs that would discolor and date quickly.  Whether you go for a traditional patio set, or are aiming for a more contemporary style, make quality your watchword, and go for the best you can afford.  Whether relaxing as a family or entertaining friends, it’s an expense you won’t regret.

With stylish and efficient heating and lighting now available, you may find that only the bleakest winter months keep you indoors – again, tie your look in with your interior decor, and you’ll feel that your patio really is an extra room.

With entertaining in mind, you may wish to consider planning a small cooking area – whether you decide on portable apparatus, or a more permanent structure, give thought to look as well as function to give a streamlined and modern effect.

Lastly, once you have your patio haven looking and feeling just as you want it, make sure it stays that way – if you’re overlooked by neighbors, or from the street, consider growing trailing plants to give you privacy.  Good interim solutions whilst you’re waiting for plants to grow can be ready-potted shrubbery, or even attractive plastic shelters or gazebos – useful for shielding you from sudden summer showers as well as any prying eyes.

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