A Guide to Cleaning Rattan Patio Furniture

Your outdoor furniture is often the grace note that finishes off the home. People love spending time outdoors on warm summer days or cool autumn nights, and the furniture and accent pieces you choose will make your outdoor living space all that much more inviting and enjoyable.

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But, of course, there’s a catch! Outdoor furniture gets rained on, covered with dust and sap, and generally takes a working over from nature. That is why when choosing your exterior furnishings, it is important to take cleaning and preserving it into consideration as much as its aesthetic appeal. For many people, rattan patio furniture proves lovely, comfortable, and easy to clean.

Here’s how to tackle the latter:

1. Get the big stuff (yes, first the cushions themselves!) off with a stiff brush, or even the brush attachment to your vacuum.

2. Wipe off finer loose particles, like dust and bits of debris, using a dry cloth.

3. Now you’ll need a bucket, some lukewarm water, and some dish soap. About a gallon of water to a half cup of dish soap ratio should be perfect. Mix that solution up well!

4. Rub the soap solution over the entirety of the furniture with a soft cloth, moving your hands in a circular motion. For tougher spots (think bird droppings…), you may want to use an old toothbrush or other bristled brush. Your rattan patio furniture can take it, don’t worry!

5. Now rinse the furniture down thoroughly. You can wipe away all the suds with a clean cloth and water, or you can even just spray them with a hose.

6. Wipe away the excess water and leave the furniture somewhere it can air dry with minimal dust or other contaminant likely to fall on it while it’s still damp. And you’re done! Now back to enjoying it.

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Binh G. Nguyen is the Owner of Everything Outdoor Furniture, a leading provider of chic, modern and stylish patio furniture in Orange County. Everything Outdoor Furniture offers an extensive line of exclusive outdoor furniture and is committed to ensuring that every piece of furniture is of the highest quality to make your outdoor areas as beautiful as you have always dreamt.

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